The foundation of results

Quick Plug develops and manufactures stabilised substrates for seedlings and cuttings for the commercial horticulture sector. From its base at the epicentre of greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands, the Westland region, Quick Plug develops various ‘growing systems’ that ensure that growers can maximise the performance of their plants.

Raw materials, water, air

Quick Plug uses a unique procedure to mix and produce the ideal substrate for your vegetable or ornamental crops. The customised plugs only contain the very best quality raw materials, combined with an optimal water and air ratio, pH value and fertilisers. This makes the plugs the perfect foundation for your crops to flourish on.

Quick Plug to grow with Dümmen Orange
Dümmen Orange

De Lier/Monster (Netherlands), 17 January 2017 – Quick Plug, known as a producer of stabilised sowing and cutting composts for the professional horticulture sector, became part of Dümmen Orange on 1 January 2017. In order to guarantee continued resourcefulness and quality in the future, the directors of Quick Plug have decided to transfer the shares to Dümmen Orange. The company therefore gains a strong position on the global market.

Quick Plug develops a range of concepts for growers and propagators within the national and international horticulture sector. Quick Plug technology opens up opportunities for automation and robotisation of several product groups and adds quality to rooted products. Over the last 12 years, the company has grown to become an international player with customers around the world, including the Netherlands, Germany, Eastern Europe, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Taiwan.

The integration of Quick Plug technology means that both companies will be better placed to serve their customers. This also brings advantages from the plant health perspective. Further expansion into a business with a global presence is planned.
Dümmen Orange respects and values all existing customer relations and has asked the directors of Quick Plug to press ahead with the current policy. The directors of Quick Plug will continue to guarantee the current level of knowledge and ingenuity and will be strengthened by the appointment of John van der Maarel, the new commercial director. His deep and extensive understanding of the market will provide a new stimulus for innovation and further expansion of services to customers.